Halloween Recipe: How To Make Yummy Chocolate Witches Hats

These chocolate witches hats are sure to be a big hit at your next Halloween party. The kids will love them! They are simple to make and fun to eat. This quick and easy recipe is one that you can get the kids involved with making. All it takes is a few simple ingredients and you will have a nice recipe sure to bring smiles.

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Zombie Makeup: How To Get That Freshly Dead Look

There are several different looks when it comes to zombie makeup. This article goes into detail about how to accomplish the ‘freshly dead’ look. This is the look that happens when a person hasn’t been dead for too long. You will be surprised at what a simple process this really is. Prepare to have a lot of fun doing this. You’ll really be astounded at how dead you will really look!

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It's The Great Pumpkin Patch!

Nothing quite goes together like October, and a child in a pumpkin patch! I smile every time I see the look on a child’s face when they are in a sea of pumpkins. This is one of the things I revel in during the Halloween season. I just love this time of year! Many communities have at least one pumpkin patch that you can take your kids or grand kids to. Make plans to do so, and don’t forget to take the camera or video camera along. You wouldn’t want to miss out on these memories now-would you?

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The Ghost In My Computer, Those Scary Pop Ups Known As Screamers

Alright, admit it, if you are like me and have spent any time at all online, you have fallen for this prank. You know, the one where that scary face on the monitor pops up at you without warning. You’ve been a victim too, am I right? These computer ghosts, also known as screamers, have been around for quite some time. Well meaning friends send them to you just knowing they will get a reaction out of you. This is all in good fun, however I often wonder if anybody has ever died of fright from one of these things?

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Haunted Places: The Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House, a 160 room Victorian mansion, is also known as the house built by spirits. Construction began on this architectural wonder in 1884, and didn’t end until Sarah Winchester’s death in 1922. The house was under construction constantly during that time period. It was believed that only through continuous construction, would the spirits of the dead victims who died by violence at the hands of the Winchester Rifle, be able to rest. The house today offers public tours all year long. If haunted houses are your thing, I highly recommend you take a tour of this beautiful old Victorian house. You are sure to learn a lot of history in the process! The house is located in San Jose, California.

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Extreme Outdoor Halloween Lighting

When it comes to outdoor Halloween lighting, some people really go to extremes. The sky is the limit these days when it comes to decorating for Halloween. Some people will spare no expense when it comes to lighting up the neighborhood this holiday season. Check out some of these videos showing how some people really do go to extremes! How can you make your own programmed display?

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Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, New Orleans, Louisiana

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, located in New Orleans, Louisiana, is one of the most fascinating cemeteries on earth in my opinion. Established in 1833, this graveyard has always garnered curiosity. Several tours are offered by such groups as Save Our Cemeteries. The tour guides with this group know what they are talking about. With your ticket purchase going towards the preservation of this beautiful place, how can you lose? If you are looking for a unique place to visit, you can’t go wrong with Lafayette Cemetery No. 1!

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Classic Halloween Recipe: How To Make Ghosts In The Graveyard

The Ghosts in the Graveyard recipe is an all time Halloween favorite! This recipe is very simple to make, and fun for the whole family. If you want to leave smiles on your kids faces, this recipe is a must! Use your imagination with this one to come up with many variations.

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The Salem Witch Trials

How did the Salem witch trials begin? This is a darker part of American history, when mass hysteria took over the minds of the citizens of Salem Village, Massachusetts. When all was said and done, almost 25 people had been executed. Salem, and the Salem Witch House, are huge tourist attractions today.

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How To Walk Like A Zombie

Have you ever admired the way a Zombie walks and moves? There are a few tricks of the zombie trade that you will need to master before you can truly learn to walk like a zombie. First of all you must leave the ‘I’m a living person’ mindset behind. You need to think dead-I mean REALLY dead. With a little practice, you too can learn to walk with the best zombies out there.

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