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Witches Today: Who Are The Wiccans?

Yes, witches still exist today. Perhaps the best known group are the Wiccans. Far from being evil witches, the people who practice Wicca desire to live in a harmonious balance with Mother Earth. Wicca has its roots in pagan religions of the past. Though this is true, Wicca goes in a myriad of different directions. This is a very interesting belief system that is dedicated to bettering our world.

There are still a lot of misconceptions surrounding the Wiccans, such as Satan worship, and the practice of black magic. Nothing could be further from the truth! You will be surprised to learn just how gentle these people really are.

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The Salem Witch Trials

How did the Salem witch trials begin? This is a darker part of American history, when mass hysteria took over the minds of the citizens of Salem Village, Massachusetts. When all was said and done, almost 25 people had been executed. Salem, and the Salem Witch House, are huge tourist attractions today.

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