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Halloween Decorations Are Fun!

The second most popular holiday for decorations is Halloween. There are many different types of decorations to choose from. From the simple to the elaborate, the choice is yours. You can go with indoor or outdoor decorations. Why not do both?

Indoor Decorations:

Perhaps one of the most well known suppliers of indoor decorations is the Beistle Company. Founded in Pittsburgh (now located in Shippensburg, PA), Pennsylvania, in 1900, by Martin Luther Beistle, the company has become known as the largest supplier of Halloween decorations and novelty products. They have always produced some of the most stunning graphics in the history of Halloween art. Their vintage products are highly sought after by collectors today.







The following is an excellent video presentation on some of the many ways you can decorate indoors this Halloween!

Outdoor Yard Decorations:

Decorating for Halloween outdoors is more popular than ever! Many ready made Halloween decorations are available as well as patterns to make your own. Some people can really go hog wild with this. Outdoor decorations are limited only by your available space, your budget and your imagination.

Outdoor halloween decorations, halloween outdoor decorations tombstones skeleton …

One of the best tools you have available is your imagination. How about tossing plenty of those wonderful autumn leaves around your outdoor display for instance? Cut up some old plywood into some tombstone shapes and slap on a coat of flat white paint. Use only one coat though. You want it to look weathered. Make sure you display them in the ground crooked or leaning forward or backward. We are going for authenticity here! Come up with some of your own unique epitaphs to put on the tombstones. Search online to find some of the best old ones, or come up with your own variations. It can be loads of fun putting on that old thinking cap! If you have kids or grand kids-get them involved. You will all have loads of fun, and they will never forget the memories you will make together!



Inflatable yard decorations are another way you can go this season. These come in a wide variety of themes such as black cats, pumpkins, giant spiders, ghosts, and even Dracula rising up out of his coffin! Most of these inflatable Halloween decorations are produced by Gemmy Industries, of Dallas, Texas. They have been in the inflatable business since 1984.





Video Featuring Inflatable Halloween Decorations:


Many other outdoor ideas include:

  • Creepy Cloth, that you can hang around doors and windows.
  • Stretchable Spider Webs
  • Fog Machines
  • Jack-O-Lanterns
  • Plastic Skeletons you can pose
  • Battery Operated Lighted Signs
  • Fake Tombstones
  • A Variety of Halloween Lights
  • Zombie Arms that seem to be coming up out of the grave

There are many patterns available for outdoor decorations if you are a DIY or craft person. There are some awesome woodworking patterns out there. You can find everything from small patterns to those that are bigger than life! You can choose from skeletons, tombstones, ghosts, signs, black cats, bats and all manner of things that go bump in the night!