The Haunted House Pinball Machine by Gottlieb-I Must Own One, I Must!

I have always wanted to own a Haunted House pinball machine. That is, at least since its release date in June of 1982. I fell in love with it when I first saw it sitting on an arcade floor all those years ago. If ever there was a Halloween themed pinball machine, this is the one!

Just watch this baby in action (click on full screen for the best view):

This game is all that and a bag of chips! I have been a pinball fanatic all my life, but there are few that I really go gaga over. This is one of them.

This pinball machine was produced by Gottlieb. It is the first pinball to feature three levels. It has excellent sound effects, along with your typical haunted house organ music.

A look at the stunning back glass:

The back glass is truly stunning in every sense of the word. From the haunted house on the hill, to the ghost emerging from the doorway, this one is a true delight! The old, leafless trees, the raven on the old wrought iron fence, the headless ghost standing in the window holding a candle, the bats flying around the tree tops, and a tombstone in the foreground. Can it get anymore Halloween than this? Heck, I haven’t even got to the playing field-or should I say “fields” yet. After all, this is triple level play for crying out loud! Please watch the top video to see this amazing playing field. It is truly stunning. ┬áin every sense of the word!

This game has fascinated me to no end since its release over 30 years ago. One of these days, when I make my first million, I’m going to get me one of these. I know I will have hours and hours of fun playing the Haunted House pinball machine!

See additional images of the Haunted House pinball machine: Images

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