Ray Villafane Is A True Genius At Carving A Pumpkin

Zombie pumpkin carving by Ray Villafane

Zombie pumpkin carving by Ray Villafane—Mambo’Dan (Flickr.com)

What can I say? Ray Villafane takes his pumpkin carving very seriously. He elevates it to high art. I was truly spellbound the first time I set my eyes on his carvings. The man is simply amazing!

Here are some of his best examples:

Ray Villafane, an American artist, began carving pumpkins seriously in 2007, when the Food Network contacted him about participating in a pumpkin carving challenge called “Outrageous Pumpkins”. Up against three other professional pumpkin sculptors, Ray won every competition and went on to win the grand prize. Looking at his work, it is easy to understand why. His iconic style is easily recognizable.

Below, Ray Villifane shows you how you can carve a pumpkin like he does! You can purchase his 3-D Pumpkin Carving DVD here.

There is no way that I would have ever dreamed as a small child, that I could have carved a pumpkin the way Ray Villafane can. The only way I knew were the triangle eyes and nose, along with the smiling mouth and teeth. Once in awhile I would really get dangerous and put a frown on my pumpkin. Ray has really got it going on when it comes to carving up the old gourd!

The following video shows Ray In New York City’s Botanical Gardens carving a zombie out of a huge 1800 pound pumpkin!

Visit his website if you get a chance, and check out the many things this wonderful artist has done! I am always waiting with baited breath to see what he is going to do next. I don’t know about you, but I would love to see this guy in action one day. Wow!

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