Simon Marsden Was A Master Of Haunting, Atmospheric Photography

When it came to eerie, atmospheric photography, nobody did it quite like Simon Marsden. I was truly saddened to hear of his death in January of 2012. Marsden specialized in photographing spooky looking places including ruins and old graveyards. His infrared photography techniques no less aided in his spectacular work.

The following video will introduce you to some of Simon Marsden’s spooktacular photography:

Simon Marsden spent his childhood in two haunted houses, Panton Hall and Thorpe Hall, in the remote area of the Lincolnshire Wolds. He scared by ghost stories, and fascinated by them at the same time. So it is only natural that he would have been drawn to the realm of the supernatural.

Marsden was old school when it came to his photography. Using infrared film and darkroom techniques, he was known to shun the more modern, high tech world of digital photography. It was his mission as a photographer to help us envision what might lay beyond the field of vision of the naked eye. What might exist on the other side of our earthly veil, so to speak. I believe he accomplished what he set out to do. I know he did for me.

Many books and calendars were produced that contained the photography of Simon Marsden. I am never without a Marsden calendar on my wall. I do hope he had tons of photographs, because if I don’t get my annual calendar, I will indeed be a lost soul. Do rest in peace, Simon. Your work will live longer than you did, of this I’m sure!

tombstone in old graveyard

“The Ghost in man, the ghost that once was man

But cannot wholly free itself from Man.

Are calling to each other thro’ a dawn

Stranger than earth has ever seen; the veil

Is rending, and the voices of the day

Are heard across the Voices of the dark”.


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