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Halloween should always be a fun and care free time for kids. The reality is you need to make sure that they stay safe, but still have a good time. So how do you, as a parent or grandparent accomplish both?

Here is a list of tips for Halloween safety:

1. If your children are going to go trick-or-treating, don’t let them go out alone. Always have them go in a group or have at least one parent tag along.

2. Always carry some type of light stick or flashlight. A parent might carry a larger flashlight to prevent tripping hazards for the kids.

3. Always make sure you examine the kids treats before they eat them.

4. Always remind kids to look both ways before crossing the street.

5. Always wear flame retardant costumes or clothes. Never wear costumes with parts that drag along the ground, such as veils.

6. Walk on sidewalks whenever you can.

7. Don’t wear any type of mask or costume that blocks your vision.

8. Tell children never to enter someone’s home.

9. Tell children not to eat homemade treats from strangers, such as popcorn balls, cookies and caramel apples.

10. Always apply some type of reflective tape to your child’s costume. It is important that drivers are able to see them to avoid a possible tragedy.

Halloween Safety Video:

We want children to have fun and enjoy Halloween. It is a wonderful thing to think back on all those good memories we made. I know I enjoy a trip down memory lane when it comes to Halloween!

We can rest assured that the kids will have a safe and fun filled Halloween, if we just follow a few simple Halloween safety tips. All it takes is a little common sense to make sure this happens. Here’s hoping you have a safe and memorable Halloween this year!

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