Castle Keep, One of the Most Haunted Castles In England

Castle Keep

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Paranormal phenomena is thought to occur on a regular basis at Castle Keep, located in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. It is surrounded today by the bustling modern city, Newcastle. It stands on land that not only contains ancient Roman ruins, but thousands of human remains. A part of a Roman fort and walls still lie there underneath the castle.

Castle Keep’s original construction was replaced by 12th century construction that stands there now. An 8th century cemetery had to be disturbed to allow the present foundations of the structure to be laid. Many corpses had to be exhumed to accomplish this. How many of those disturbed spirits still wander?

Part of Braveheart’s bloody remains were once displayed at Castle Keep, when it was under Scottish rule. Since that time a hospital, shops and a jail have existed at Castle Keep. The fortress that you may see there today goes back to the time of King Henry II.

Dark, shadowy figures as well as strange noises and mists have appeared in the great hall of Castle Keep. In the county jail that existed there,  the garrison room housed many prisoners that were tortured or sentenced to  death.

The only ghost that has been identified at Castle Keep is known as the poppy girl. She was a girl that was imprisoned there for selling flowers, and was said to have been murdered in the prison. Perhaps the people who were murdered there, or the witches that awaited their trials are the spirits that haunt Castle Keep. Given its history, there are many reasons why ghosts would continue to haunt this place.

Castle Keep has become one of the go-to places for paranormal investigators, or ghost hunters. It was visited a few years back by the series, Most Haunted.

Watch the “Most Haunted” episode about Castle Keep below:

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