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So you have a pumpkin or two that you would like to carve for Halloween. Everyone is looking for the best pumpkin carving patterns this year. I have had many requests for this-so here you go. Enjoy finding that perfect pattern!




Gene Granata From Roger’s Gardens Shows You How To Carve A Pumpkin:

Here I will list a few of my favorite sites offering free patterns you can download:

Pumpkin Masters: There are several here to choose from, but you can also sign up on Facebook and get many more for free.

Pumpkin Pile: This site has been around since 1985, and has hundreds of free patterns to choose from!

Fantasy Pumpkins: This site has many elaborate pumpkin patterns available to you free of charge.

Better Homes & Gardens: This trusted site has many different stencils you can print and transfer a pattern onto your pumpkins.

Martha Stewart: Martha offers up a few fun patterns you can carve with the kids. She also talks about the tools you will need to make that perfect carving!

It’s Written On The Wall: This site offers up 140+ free patterns to carve your pumpkins.

The Pumpkin Wizard: This site has many free patterns to choose from.

Zombie Pumpkins: This site has many freebie patterns available to you.

The Pumpkin Lady: Here we have many patterns that are free. You can also buy more individually for $1 each or in value packs a lot cheaper. Not too bad if you find that perfect one you’re looking for!

Penny Pinchin’ Mom: She has over 75 free pumpkin carving patterns available to you.

Pumpkin Glow: This site has many different and unique out of the ordinary patterns to choose from!

Spook Master: They offer up a handful of free patterns including a couple political patterns featuring President Obama, and Mitt Romney-how scary is that! They also have patterns for sale if you are interested.

ScareFest: Free pumpkin carving patterns and tips.

Budget 101: A plethora of free, printable templates. Amazing site!

Sweet Happy Life: Free carving patterns for kids.

HGTV: Features some pumpkin carving templates that are perfect for beginners.

Stoneykins: 100 free pumpkin templates available. Others available to purchase. Awesome site worth checking out!

The Family Kitchen: A few neat templates for Halloween pumpkin carving.

History.com: Has a couple dozen unique and free templates to choose from.

Cyber Haunt: This site offers some great free carving patterns.

I hope you find some pumpkin carving patterns here that you can use this Halloween!

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