The Oldest Horror Movie Ever Made: The Haunted Castle, By George Melies

"George Meiles French Filmmaker"

George Meilies, image in public domain due to US copyright expiration.

The “Haunted Castle” produced in 1896, by George Melies, is considered to be the first vintage horror movie ever produced. Although it runs just slightly over 3 minutes in length, it features many of the elements seen in the many horror movies that were to follow.

Perhaps French filmmaker George Melies most famous film was “A Trip To the Moon”. Produced in 1902, this"A Trip To The Moon" is the one that features the rocket stuck in the eye of the man in the moon. Meiles had a huge love and fascination for stage magic. His use of illusion really shows in the films he produced.

As Far as the film, The Haunted Castle” goes, the film has been listed under various titles since its release over a century ago.


Among these are the following:

  • Le manoir du diable (original title in French)
  • The House of the Devil (English translation from the French)
  • The Devil’s Castle
  • The Devil’s Manor
  • The Manor of the Devil

The into to this vintage horror film features a bat flying into a haunted castle. The bat transforms itself into a devil-like vampire creature, played by George Melies, himself. The devil vampire produces a cauldron and proceeds to conjure up all manor of supernatural entities. These beings include: witches, a goblin, a skeleton, a small demon with a pitchfork and ghosts. All those wonderful elements we associate with Halloween! This short film definitely has a place in movie history.

The Haunted Castle Complete Film (no sound):

The Haunted Castle, Complete Film (with commentary):

I hope you enjoyed watching The Haunted Castle, as much as I did. It is a good thing that they are still around to enjoy. Many of these wonderful films have been destroyed. I am so glad this one didn’t fall victim to the hands of time.

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