Vintage Halloween Cartoons Are A Fun-Filled Trip Down Memory Lane!

I just love the old vintage Halloween cartoons, mostly from the 1930’s through the 1940’s. While many of these were filmed in black and white, there were a few that were released in color. Although not necessarily a Halloween cartoon, Casper the Friendly Ghost, has always been a perennial favorite of mine as well.

Perhaps one of the best known examples of these vintage Halloween cartoons is 1929 Disney classic, “A Silly Symphony: The Skeleton Dance”. This was the first cartoon in the Silly Symphony series, and animated by Ub Iwerks. It features four skeletons dancing around and playing makeshift instruments in a spooky graveyard. This was the first animated cartoon to use non-post-sync sound.

The next example is Disney’s “Mickey Mouse-Haunted House” (1929). Mickey is caught in an old haunted house to weather a bad storm where a group of skeletons demand that he play the organ. Delightful!

Next is “Scrappy’s Ghost Story”, from 1935, produced by Charles Mintz. In this vintage Halloween cartoon, Scrappy is telling his little brother a ghost story as they sit in the dark by the glowing fireplace. He then encounters a real ghost. This leads into a musical sequence where other apparitions frighten him and his little brother.

Next is a wonderful old classic Max Fleischer cartoon from 1933, called “Betty Boop’s Halloween Party.” It’s Halloween, and with a little help from a scarecrow, Betty has decided to throw a party! Trouble ensues when a gorilla threatens to reek havoc and disrupt the whole thing.  Please watch and see for yourself how Betty’s Halloween party turns out!

I hope you have enjoyed this selection of some of the many vintage Halloween cartoons that were produced. I always enjoy watching these. As the old saying goes, “They just don’t make ’em like that anymore!” Happy Halloween, everybody!

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