Zombie Props Are Crawling Out Of The Grave For Halloween!

Zombie Props are going to be a hit again this season. With the popularity of hit TV shows like The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead and the movie blockbuster, World War Z, I don’t see this changing in the near future. Zombie Walks have also become an annual event for many communities.

The zombie apocalypse is here and so are the props you can use to decorate your own yard or haunt! I am listing some of my personal favorites below. So if you’re brave-read on!

Zombies Crawling Out Of The Grave!

These are some of the best available props out there:

The Zombie of Montclaire Moors Garden Statue  

This frightening zombie will be sure to scare the trick-or-treaters this Halloween! He would be too ghoul in an outdoor cemetery scene. He also will startle your unsuspecting visitors!

This creepy zombie statue is made of stone and durable resin.

He measures 31½”Wx19½”Dx8″H. 

I Rate This One:  Melting-Man_LCF

Halloween Haunters 40″ Animated Crawling Human Zombie Torso Prop Decoration


This guy looks like his torso has been cut in half, with entrails dragging behind him, as he’s crawling along the ground. He is all ready to grab an unsuspecting visitor by the ankles and make a meal out of them!

Motion activated animatronics  make this guy try to crawl out and grab an unexpected guest by the ankle. He moans as his red eyes flash. Too ghoul for night school!

I Rate This One:  

Headless Ground Breaker Life-Size Zombie: 

This life-size guy is very ghoulish. He holds his head in his hands as he is rising from the grave! He is very well detailed for a prop of this type. He is made of latex. He is suited for both indoor and outdoor Halloween decorating.

  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 24″ x 16″ x 6″

Trust me when I say this dude is a real scream!

I Rate This One:   Ghoul_LCF

Miscellaneous Zombie Props:

Hanging Levitator Zombie:

I love this prop! He wears a tattered white gauze shirt. He is motion and sound activated.  This dude is really scary! His eyes light up and his arms are poseable. Eerie music emanates from him as he moves in an up and down motion. He does require 4 AA batteries, which are not included with the prop. He measures approximately 40″ high. He is only suitable to use an an indoor prop. It can also be used within a covered porch. This guy would be excellent for your Halloween haunt!

I Rate This One:  Zombie_LCF




Standing Zombie Props:

Male & Female Animated Zombie Props

These two are down right scary! This happy couple will stand on your covered porch or inside your doorway and scare the holy you know what out of your guests! I love them!  Both have poseable arms. He makes creepy moaning sounds and moves his arms up and down–beckoning your guests.  The woman’s eyes light up as she moves her head from side to side. She moans for your company. The woman is 61 inches tall and the man is 63 inches tall. Both require (3) “AA” batteries (not included).

I Rate This One:  Frankenstein_LCF

zombie with detached arm


Zombies are huge right now, so be sure to thrill and chill your guests with these amazing zombie props this Halloween season!

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