Do You Believe Black Cats Are Unlucky?

"Black Cat With Amber Eyes"The cat fan in me would tell you no, not on your life! The cats I have had in my own life have been wonderful, loving companions. They have been there when I have had bad days and good days. Through thick and thin. They are the most independent creatures I know. I cannot even imagine my life without a cat in it.

I tend to believe as the people of Japan and the United Kingdom do, that black cats are good luck. Unfortunately, black cats have received a bad rap throughout history. Many of the poor creatures have been killed or tortured due to these unwarranted superstitions.

In ancient Egypt, cats of any color were revered to a high degree. Cats were mummified and buried with their human companions to spend eternity together. Killing a cat was such a crime that people would be put to death for doing so.

Black cats are always at the forefront during Halloween, and have been a subject of Halloween decorations for decades.

Why Are Black Cats Considered Unlucky?

So how did the belief that black cats are bad luck start anyway?

During the middle ages it was believed that witches took on the shape of a cat. It  was said that a man and his son were walking along one night, when a black cat darted out in front of them. The cat proceeded to duck into a crawl space beneath a house thought to be occupied by a local witch. This story seems to be where the saying originated that a black cat crossing your path is bad luck.

I believe I will continue to think about black cats in the way the people in the UK and Asia do, that black cats, and all cats are a source of good luck. We could all use more good in our lives. All I know is the cats I have invited, or have wandered into my life have been a source of joy!

Nathalie Basha, of Why World explains black cat lore in simple terms:


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