Candy Apples, Make A Delightful Treat This Halloween!

Candy Apples in Fantasyland

Candy Apples in Fantasyland—Loren Javier (

While I’m a big caramel apple lover myself, occasionally I like to indulge in red candy apples. These are a delicious Halloween treat kids of all ages are sure to love! This recipe is not difficult to make, and you will only need a few simple things.

As far as the apples go, I usually love the tart snap of a Granny Smith myself. For smaller apples, I love the venerable Jonathan from my childhood Octobers. We used to grow them when I was a kid. You would frequently find me climbing that old apple tree in search of my prized apple!

Before you coat your apples, make sure you run some hot water over them if they have a waxy coating. Most organic and homegrown apples do not have this coating on them. This is usually found in grocery stores. If this coating is not removed, your candy coating will not cling to your apples as it should. Make sure you dry your apples of thoroughly before you coat them. Also make sure your apples have a flat bottom when you purchase them. They will stand up better.



Kitchen Tools You Will Need:

Candy Thermometer

Medium to Large Heavy Bottomed Saucepan, depending on how many apples you intend to make

Sheet Pan

Waxed Paper to sit the apples on after they are coated

Medium Sized Spatula

Popsicle Sticks or Lollipop Sticks to equal the number of apples you are using


4-Large Apples or 6-Small

1/2 Cup Light Corn Syrup

3/4 Cup of Water

2-Cups of Sugar

1/2 tsp. Red Food Coloring



Place waxed paper on top of your sheet pan. Rub the top of the waxed paper with butter.

In your saucepan, pour in the water, sugar, red food coloring and light corn syrup, scraping out excess with a spatula. Stir these together using your spatula.

Sometimes I will use about a half cup or so of cinnamon red hots candy in this mixture for a delicious flavor the kids (including this one) will just absolutely love!

Place the mixture on top of the stove, along with your candy thermometer. You are going to want to bring this to a boil, stirring frequently until it reaches the hard crack candy temperature of 310 degrees Fahrenheit.

Put the sticks into your apples, set aside on your waxed paper. Remove your candied apple mixture from the stove when it reaches the desired temperature of 310 degrees.

Tilting your saucepan sideways in your work area, roll each individual apple around in the candy mixture until well coated. Place back on greased waxed paper and allow them to set for approximately 20 minutes. Store them at room temperature. Enjoy!

Let Chef Jennifer Martello of Mahalo’s Show You How Easy This Candy Apple Recipe Is:


Please use extreme caution when making this recipe. Getting this mixture on your skin can cause severe painful burns. Do not leave children unsupervised when you are making this recipe. Do not allow kids to make this on their own. Always supervise children of any age if they are involved in making this candy apple recipe.

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