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Dracula's Dentures Halloween Cookie Recipe

Dracula’s Dentures! This is one fun cookie recipe the kids and grand kids will have a blast making! Here we have three videos with written instructions on how you and the kids can make this delightful recipe. We will show you how to make the chocolate pecan chip cookies, the butter cream icing, and how to decorate them. Read on for more fun!

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How To Make An Orange Julius For Halloween, Or Any Time

How about an Orange Julius for Halloween? This article will show you a video tutorial on how to make the traditional kind, as well as an extremely healthy version of this popular drink. A list of supplies and ingredients is also included to help you create your own tasty drink this Halloween!

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Jack-O-Lantern Cheeseburgers Halloween Recipe

Kids will enjoy helping you make this fun recipe for Halloween. They will delight in making their very own jack-o-lantern faces out of cheese. You can make sliders or regular sized cheeseburgers. Feel free to incorporate healthy ingredients like ground turkey or soy burger patties.

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Green Gummy Worms Halloween Recipe Will Make You Squirm!

Green gummy worms are one creepy, eewie and gooey recipe that the kids or grand kids will love helping you make this Halloween. This one is just plain good old fashioned fun! Whip this one up and the kids will always remember those slimy worms. All it takes are a few simple ingredients and a little time.

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Hot German Potato Salad Recipe Is Perfect For Oktoberfest Or Halloween

Nothing goes better with the Oktoberfest food experience than a warm serving of hot German potato salad! I don’t know if it the crispy bacon or the sweet vinegar flavor that does it for me. All I can say is I love it!

You may also be surprised at how simple this recipe is to make. Be sure to make plenty however, as this one tends to disappear from your guests plates quicker than you can say boo! This recipe is great for Halloween dinner too!

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Pumpkin Cookies Recipe Is Ghoulishly Delicious!

These pumpkin cookies are easy to make and extraordinarily delicious! Not only are they great for Halloween treats, they would make an excellent treat for Thanksgiving as well! These cookies are soft and are topped off with a delicious cream cheese, butter cream icing. Is anybody besides me thinking yummy?

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Spooky Brain Chicken Salad: A Fun And Healthy Halloween Recipe!

The Spooky Brain Chicken Salad recipe is not only a healthy alternative this Halloween, it is simply a delight to make! The kids will enjoy participating in constructing this “brain”. Be prepared, I’m sure it won’t last long as your guests will be sure to devour this at your Halloween party. It might pay to make more than one!

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Pumpkin Cupcakes, A Yummy Halloween Treat!

I just love pumpkin recipes! This delicious pumpkin cupcake recipe is easy to make and simply delicious. These won’t be sitting on a serving plate for very long. The delicious homemade cream cheese and butter icing will be much too hard to resist. If you are making these cupcakes this season, you might want to consider making a double batch-or even a triple! These pumpkin cupcakes are that good.

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Meringue Ghosts Recipe: A Deliciously Light Halloween Treat!

Kids of all ages will love this fluffy meringue ghosts recipe this Halloween! Tasty, light and delightful, this recipe is very easy to make with only a few simple ingredients.

There won’t be one crumb left over on the plate! Make this appealing treat for your Halloween party this year!

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Halloween Recipe: How To Make Mini Mummy Pizzas

Serve up some delightful and frightful Mini Mummy Pizzas this Halloween! The kids will really love to help you make these whimsical mummy head pizzas for a delicious Halloween treat this year. It only takes a few simple ingredients to bring these mummies to life. Featured are three videos to guide you through the entire process.

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