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Haunted House Pinball Machine

The Haunted House pinball machine is one of my all time favorites. Nothing screams Halloween quite like this one. I swear I will own one one of these days, or nights. This pinball machine is a classic produced by Gottlieb in 1982. It was the first pinball to feature triple level play.

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The Ghost In My Computer, Those Scary Pop Ups Known As Screamers

Alright, admit it, if you are like me and have spent any time at all online, you have fallen for this prank. You know, the one where that scary face on the monitor pops up at you without warning. You’ve been a victim too, am I right? These computer ghosts, also known as screamers, have been around for quite some time. Well meaning friends send them to you just knowing they will get a reaction out of you. This is all in good fun, however I often wonder if anybody has ever died of fright from one of these things?

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