Computer Ghosts-How Many Have Scared You?

"Scary Pop Up Computer Screamer"I have got to admit, I have fallen for these a time or two. Maybe you have had a few ghosts possess your computer. No, I’m not talking about those everyday glitches like a frozen cursor or loading time that seems to take a decade. I’m talking about the ones sent to you by well meaning friends or coworkers that make you want to jump out of your chair. The heart attack inducing kind. I have often wondered myself if anyone has actually died or ended up in the emergency room because of one of these pranks.

So how, when or where did this hijacking of our emails start anyway? I don’t really know who started this, but the early versions featured Linda Blair’s character from the movie “The Exorcist”. Since that time, many of these have appeared. Maybe somebody out there can enlighten me as to how this all began.

Making Your Own Scary Pop Up Screamers

These scary pop up videos, also known as screamers can also be produced at home by you. You will need some type of video editor. Do a search for video editors, some are free. If you are on a PC, just use Microsoft Movie Maker.

You will also need some type of video clip with a serene scene (you will need a video camera of some type). You will want to put the monster face in at the end of the clip. A good picture of a zombie, or a ghoul with razor-sharp teeth will work nicely.

You will want to record yourself or somebody else screaming. This is not advisable if you have neighbors close by, unless you want a SWAT team invading your block. There are also royalty-free sound effects you can find online if you prefer. A great place to find these is at Test the screams out. Try to find a blood-curdling one if you can.

Steps to take with Microsoft Windows Movie Maker:

  • Make a video of a serene scene-like driving along a country highway
  • Open up Microsoft Movie Maker
  • Put your movie clip on first
  • Put your scary image in at the end of the clip
  • Put your scream in to sync up with the scary face image. You don’t want it at the beginning or it will spoil the illusion.
  • Right click on your scream in your time line
  • Click on volume and crank it all the way up
  • Save, and upload to YouTube

Video clip of how to work with Microsoft Movie Maker:

Now for your viewing enjoyment-a few classic screamers:

I think it’s time to end this article as I have been flinching and jumping in my chair myself. Besides, I need to un-mute my speakers. Please exercise caution when scaring people with any scary pop ups and screamers. For instance if your grandmother has a heart condition, common sense should tell you not to do it-even if you are top dog in her will. Most of all, prepare to scare! These clips can be enjoyed at Halloween, or any time of the year!

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