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The Walking Dead Is A Zombie Lovers Dream!

The Walking Dead, AMC TV series, is the best zombie show ever made! I became hooked with the opening sequence of season 1, and I haven’t looked back since. If you are one of the few that have never seen an episode, you are doing yourself a grave disservice, for lack of a better way to put it. Please check out the excellent season one trailer in this article.

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How To Survive A Zombie Attack

Now that you know a zombie attack is imminent, what do you do to survive one? There are several practical steps you can take. You will need to get prepared by picking the right weapon to use for starters.

You will also need to gather enough food and supplies together to increase your chances of survival. I will give you a few great tips for surviving a zombie attack.

Don’t be surprised if you experience a few tongue-in-cheek moments along the way!

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How To Walk Like A Zombie

Have you ever admired the way a Zombie walks and moves? There are a few tricks of the zombie trade that you will need to master before you can truly learn to walk like a zombie. First of all you must leave the ‘I’m a living person’ mindset behind. You need to think dead-I mean REALLY dead. With a little practice, you too can learn to walk with the best zombies out there.

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