Zombie Attack Survival Techniques

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Zombie attack DDC8658—Abode of Chaos (Flickr.com)

The zombies have arrived. Now what do you do? Several thoughts come to mind. I will share a few with you  here:

Weapons To Use Against Zombies:

Guns: Definitely a gun with plenty of ammo. One with a red-line sight comes highly recommended.

A Heavy, Blunt Implement of Your Choice: Use whatever you have available. It could be a kitchen table leg, baseball bat, or a shortened 2×4. Use what you have available to you. There is no time to pick and choose here.

A Good Blade: A machete or good Samurai sword would work nicely here.

Please Note: If you are familiar with wielding a chainsaw, I see no reason not to use it.

Zombie Survival Gear:

If you are planning on holding out in your home you may want to consider the following:

Bars On Your Windows: Before a zombie attack even begins you might want to consider having good quality iron bars installed on all your windows. These come in a variety of colors to match your exterior.

Plywood: You may want to consider laying in a good supply of quality 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch plywood to nail across windows and doors.

Food and Drink

Food: Dehydrated fruit and vegetables can come in really handy here. You may want to purchase a high quality food dehydrator now before the imminent attack occurs.

Jerky: This will become an essential element, as you will need to have plenty of protein. There are all types of dried meats available or you can make your own jerkys.

Water: Make sure you lay in a good supply of bottles water. Beer will not be a welcome companion at this time. Beer, while making you forget briefly about the situation you now find yourself in, will lead to dehydration.

Bad Idea Films gives their take on surviving a zombie attack:

Advance preparation is the key. If you prepare enough in advance, you should never have to leave your house.

Convincing your friends and family that a zombie attack may be inevitable may be a problem. You MUST find a way to convince them, as their very lives are at stake!

Remember, zombies are slow moving creatures, so you have time to make your move. They were once fully human however, and their eyesight is still very keen (unless they were 90 when they died). If they spot you-look out! If you are bitten by one, you are finished. You will become a zombie yourself. This is a given. If someone is attacked by a zombie, it is best to exterminate them immediately. There is no sense in waiting around to watch them turn into a flesh-eating zombie. This will serve no purpose.

Remember, how you choose to survive a zombie attack is up to you. Have confidence in your ability. You can and must do this!

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