Learn To Walk Like A Zombie

"Walking Zombie"A lot of us probably had the inkling to walk like an Egyptian back in the 1980’s, thanks to the Bangles. Walking like a zombie is a dead person of a different color so to speak. To really be the hit of the Halloween party this year, you need to get this technique down. Some of the steps (pun injected on purpose) required to be convincing are listed below:

1. First of all you have got to get into a dead mind set. For some of us this won’t be too difficult a task to accomplish after a hard days work.

2. Walk slowly with a lumbering gait. How would you feel if you had just risen from a dirty grave? Zombies don’t walk around with their heads held high with confidence after all.

3. You can act like you’re drunk. Just don’t slur your speech and annoy people. Drunks do not walk a straight line. Just ask someone who has been pulled over for DUI. They stumble. They drag their feet. They are confused.

4. Pause in your walk every now and then. Let your mouth hang open. Look up at the sky slowly, then back down towards the ground. Zombies have no clue how they ended up in the predicament they now find themselves in.

5. Think about how you may have ended up dead in the first place. Did you die in a car crash? Did you fall off a 20 story building? Did you get shot in the chest? Think of all kinds of different scenarios, then come up with ways you can act accordingly. If you broke your leg or arm falling to your death down Mount Everest, then drag your leg behind you. Let your arm hang limp. Use your imagination.

6. Use your head. I mean it-use your head. If you have ever watched a good zombie movie like I have, you will notice how they hold their heads. They don’t usually hold them up, they are cocked to one side or another. You can also roll your head slowly up and down.

7. Zombies are listless, so do not act like you are alive for one second. Don’t smile, and what ever you do don’t get the giggles. We are going for authenticity here!

8. Don’t forget to moan and groan every now and then. You were resting peacefully then something woke you up for crying out loud!

These fine people on the streets of New York demonstrate a few zombie moves:

After you learn how to officially walk like a zombie, you will need to get the makeup down. This will be covered in detail in another article.

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