"Wow-look at all these pumpkins!"

“Wow-look at all these pumpkins!”

The Joy of Pumpkin Patches!

Nothing screams joy quite like a child in a pumpkin patch! The look on their faces when they see there are pumpkins scattered as far as the eye can see. It’s priceless, for sure. Memories are made each and every October in pumpkin patches from coast to coast. In most communities, you can find at least one.

With the smell of autumn leaves and a chill in the air bringing shortening days, it comes time to go out and pick that special pumpkin to carve and decorate. Somewhere in that pumpkin patch hides the perfect one just waiting for a child to find it. Halloween is a special time of year for the little ones!

Which one do I choose?

Pumpkin patch

Pumpkin patch—mil8 (Flickr.com)

Choosing the pumpkin that is just right can seem a daunting task for the little ones. Do I want a tall one? Do I want a fat, round one? How about this one-it’s bigger than me?! Let them take their time in the pumpkin patch. Halloween only comes around once a year you know. Those months in between can seem like a mighty long time to a small child. Let them thoroughly enjoy these precious moments in their lives that pass all to soon.

Don’t forget to dress your little ones for the weather. Depending where you live, October can put quite a chill in the air. But then that is part of the overall atmosphere this time of year brings to all of us who love Halloween. I can’t wait to see those orange pumpkins in all their glorious splendor!

There are many pick your own pumpkin patches located everywhere. Try the pumpkin patch locator to help you find one near you this year. Visiting a pumpkin patch can be loads of fun for kids of all ages-including me!

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