Going To Extremes With Outdoor Halloween Lighting

Halloween lights

Halloween lights—sscornelius (Flickr.com)

Some people really go crazy when it comes to outdoor Halloween lighting and decorating. Take for instance this house. Wow-would I love to have these people for neighbors! They really know how to go all out!

Check them out:

Types of Halloween Lighting

So what type of Halloween lighting is available?

The following list will give you some ideas on how you can really amp up your Halloween light show:

  • Laser Light Show Machines
  • Fog Machines
  • Rope Lights-in a variety of colors
  • Battery Operated LED Strobe Lights-in a variety of colors
  • Lighted, Animated Figures
  • Candelabras
  • Lighted Signs
  • Black Lights
  • LED Light Strings-in a variety of shapes and colors
Check out another great display below:

How To Computer Program Your Outdoor Lights To Music

Computer programming your outdoor Halloween lights to music can be accomplished in the following way:

1. You will need to obtain a lighting controller in order to run your outdoor Halloween light show. Do a web search to find out more information on how to obtain one of these that will work for the size of the light show you have in mind.

2. You need to think in terms of lighting channels. This is where your display will be broken up into numerous strands of lights. Each strand (or group) is referred to as a channel. This is a unit of light that can be controlled individually through the lighting controller.

3. You will also need the software required to run your light show with music through your computer.

4. Consider the details of the surrounding the type of outdoor Halloween lighting you want. What will the theme be? Will it be a pirate ship surrounded by pirates, or a creepy graveyard full of ghosts and zombies? Knowing this will help you decide how you will string your lighting elements. Keep in mind that you will need to reach your display through extension cords which will lead to you lighting controller and grounded outlets.

5. Add the background music. You will use the time grid portion of your software to set up your music.

6. You will need to use the type of speaker system you can set up through your computer. I recommend speakers with a separate power source besides a USB connection. Wireless speakers are ideal if you don’t want extra cords to deal with. Please be mindful of the people in your area when you are testing your speaker system. Don’t break any of your local noise ordinances.

You can find additional information on how to do typical outdoor lighting setups by clicking here

I do hope you and your friends and neighbors enjoy your light display this Halloween!.

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