Halloween Projection Animation Setup

Projection animation is another form of extreme outdoor Halloween decorating. This is where you take computer animated scenes like in the movies, and project them on a large surface, like your house. Not everyone can find it in their budget to do this. It is kind of fun however to watch how this is done.

This is the completed version of how it will appear on the house:

The following is what was used to create this cool projection animation:

Projector: BENQ M525ST Short throw projector, 2500 lumens. This is a discontinued model, but any projector will work as long as it is able to cover your house from your placement point.

BenQ MX613ST Short Throw ProjectorAnother example you can use would be a BenQ MX613ST 2500 lumen Short Throw DLP Projector.

Software:  DAZ3D was used to create the original animations for the house. Serif MoviePlus was used to edit the video. Other software is available as well.

Blu-Ray DVD Player: Make sure your video is created in HD for the best resolution possible for your projected animation.

In order to get everything to line up the correct way on the house:

Make yourself a template of the house to use during video editing. You can accomplish this by connecting your computer to the projector, then projecting your desktop onto the house.

Open a graphics program which allows you to draw an image.

Trace an outline of your house while looking at it. This will give you a wire frame of your house that matches the perspective of the projector. This will give you a temporary outline allowing you to place your elements where you want them to go. This also allows you to create video masks in the shapes and sizes you need during the video editing process.


Digital Pressworks shows you the box he made to protect the projector, and where he will place it:

This video shows the Halloween house projection background test (no sound):

This is the full raw version of the projection animation on the house:

The wire frame of the house was left in so you can see the actual placement of all the elements.


Isn’t that one of the coolest outdoor decorating ideas you have ever seen? Projection animation gives a new meaning to decorating for Halloween!

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