A Healthy Halloween Snack Kids Are Sure To Love: Severed String Cheese Fingers

Parents and grandparents are always searching for healthy Halloween snacks that the kids will actually like. This recipe for severed cheese fingers will fill that bill quite nicely! This is one easy recipe that the kids will really love getting involved with making. This one is so much fun, and only requires a few simple ingredients. Let’s get started-shall we?

Let Chef John, from Food Wishes show you how to make Severed String Cheese Fingers:

What you will need to make this healthy snack:

  • A package of mozzarella string cheese of your brand choice
  • Small package of sliced almonds
  • Ketchup, Hot Sauce, or Catalina-style French dressing
  • Serving platter
  • Paring knife

How To Make These Ghoulish and Fun String Cheese Fingers:

Take a paring knife and round off both ends of the cheese sticks. Note to parents and grandparents: Please do this step for the little ones depending on their age.

Tear the cheese sticks in half-the kids will enjoy this part. We want our severed fingers to look rough.

Take the paring knife and make a fingernail indentation on the fingertip part of your string cheese halves.

Press a slivered almond down on the area you just trimmed out to make the fingernail.

Using your paring knife, make “knuckle cuts” on top of the string cheese fingers.

Place small piles of your Ketchup, hot sauce or French dressing on the serving platter to equal the amount of “severed” fingers you have. Dip the severed end in the sauce, ketchup or dressing, and roll it around. Lay the severed end of the finger in the small pool of “blood” on the serving platter.

Serve and enjoy!

This recipe is quick and easy. Kids of all ages will enjoy these. They are great for serving at Halloween parties as an appetizer. Whip up a platter of this healthy recipe for your next party!

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