Zombie Makeup-Getting Your ‘Dead’ On

When it come to zombie makeup, there are several different looks that you can achieve this Halloween. Here we will deal with the person that has supposedly just passed away. The rotting flesh hasn’t become a problem yet. This is actually one of the more creepy looks in my own opinion. Your own mileage may vary.

The fact that the decay hasn’t really set in yet, makes this a really simple process. It is suggested that you use Ben Nye makeup. Although it is far from being low in cost, it is not one of the most expensive out there either. Use your own imagination, and experiment with other colors and brands of makeup if you choose.

Jeff, from The Zombie Reporting Center describes below how this process is accomplished:

To get that fresh, dead look you will need to have the following supplies:

1. Ben Nye Makeup in the following colors:

  • The Death Wheel, which consists of all (6) of those deathly zombie makeup colors you will need
  • Steel Gray for the shadows
  • Death Flesh-large size pot
The Ben Nye Death Wheel contains (6) colors. Four of the colors will be used for the Freshly Dead Zombie:
  • Death Flesh*
  • Death Purple*
  • Death Straw*
  • Death Blue-Gray
  • Pale Vampire
  • Frankenstein*
* These 4 colors will be used.

2. Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder (You can also use, baby powder, talcum powder or corn starch)

3. Powder Brush-available anywhere makeup is sold

4. Cosmetic Rounds

5. Crayola Art Skills Brushes-available at most stores

6. Stipple Sponge

The Technique:

1. Lay down a coating of Death Flesh, zombie makeup with a cosmetic sponge round. Apply thick so the face is a pale color.

2. Apply the Steel Gray with a wider, angled brush to make shadows under the eyes; etc.

3. Use Ben Nye’s Frankenstein, to give the lips that deathly pallor.

4. Use Death Purple to add more depth to the sunken eyes.

5. Use the Stipple Sponge to apply some Death Purple and Death Straw zombie makeup around the eyes.

6. Stipple some Death Purple around the mouth.

7. Use a powder puff and apply your powder of choice to the makeup surface.

8. Finish the surface with the powder brush to make sure all the cracks and lines in the face are filled in.

See my other article about how to get the ‘rotting flesh look’.

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