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DIY Halloween Costume For Girls: "Call Me Maybe", Carly Rae Jepsen

Looking for that unique costume for tween and teen girls this season? Look no further than the DIY “Call Me Maybe” Halloween costume based on the hit song by Carly Rae Jepsen. This is one cute costume idea that girls are sure to love! This one is cool!

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DIY Snow White Makeup From Once Upon A Time

The hit TV show Once Upon A Time, was a major hit last season, and this one should be no exception. Young women are going to want to let their sweet side shine through this Halloween, by becoming Snow White. If only for an evening.

The tutorial here will show you how easy this transformation can be.

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DIY Evil Queen Makeup From Once Upon A Time

The hit TV series, Once Upon a time is sure to be a huge hit with tween and teenage girls this Halloween. Women will love this makeup tutorial as well.

Embrace your wicked side this season with this Evil Queen makeup tutorial!

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The Iron Lady: Halloween Costume, DIY For 2013

With the popularity of the movie, “The Iron Lady”, starring Meryl Streep, as Margaret Thatcher, this should make for an interesting DIY costume this Halloween. Margaret Thatcher was a conservative dressing woman. Thrift store finds, or a visit to a church rummage sale may yield you a goody or two. This is one of those costumes that can be done on the cheap, and make you look like a million bucks!

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Zombie Makeup Part-2, How To Get That Rotting Flesh Look

Have you ever wondered how zombies get that rotted flesh look? This tutorial will give you all the steps you need to accomplish this on your own. You will be a big hit at the next Halloween masquerade party once you learn these simple zombie makeup techniques. With a few basic tools and makeup colors you will be looking like a rotting, decaying zombie in no time!

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Zombie Makeup: How To Get That Freshly Dead Look

There are several different looks when it comes to zombie makeup. This article goes into detail about how to accomplish the ‘freshly dead’ look. This is the look that happens when a person hasn’t been dead for too long. You will be surprised at what a simple process this really is. Prepare to have a lot of fun doing this. You’ll really be astounded at how dead you will really look!

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