Zombie Makeup: How To Get That Rotting Flesh Look

In the last zombie makeup tutorial I wrote about how to achieve the ‘freshly dead’ look. The rotting flesh look is a more advanced step in zombie makeup. This is where you become that rotting corpse you always wanted to be this Halloween. This step will require many of the same tools as well as the makeup colors used for the freshly dead zombie.

Let Jeff from The Zombie Reporting Center, walk you through  this process step-by-step:

Tools You Will Need:

  • Liquid Latex
  • Toilet Paper
  • Cosmetic Wedges
  • Master Bruise Makeup Wheel from Ben Nye
  • Cadaver Gray Makeup from Ben Nye
  • Sallow Green Makeup from Ben Nye
  • Steel Gray Makeup from Ben Nye
  • Brown Sugar Makeup from Ben Nye
  • Stipple Sponge
  • Cosmetic Sponge Rounds
  • Neutral Set Powder
  • Powder Brush
  • Assorted Crayola Art Skills Brushes
  • Plastic Sculpting Tool
  • Cosmetic Powder Puff

The Technique:

1. Apply a layer of latex to the face. Use a makeup wedge to do this as it will give you a much more natural skin texture. Do not get any of the latex in the hair. It is painful to remove latex from hair. Make sure the face is clean shaven for this process.

2. Apply strips of toilet paper to the latex while it is still tacky. Then apply another layer of latex over the toilet paper. Stick larger pieces of toilet paper in places where you would like there to be larger, more open wounds. The side of the cheek, or across the forehead works nicely for this.

3. Wait 5 minutes for the latex to dry. Take some type of mildly sharp plastic tool such as a sculpting tool, and begin forming holes in the dead latex flesh.

4. Make the deathly looking flesh by applying a combination of the Cadaver Gray and Sallow Green makeups by Ben Nye. Apply a thick coat of this using a sponge round.

5. Using a brush, add a shadow color to the eye sockets. Steel Gray works nice here. Start with a dark line at the top edge of the eyelash, then blend outwards. Finish blending with your finger.

6. Use a small brush and apply the Dark Burgundy color from the Master Bruise Wheel inside the wounds formed in the latex coating. This will provide a sense of depth to the holes.

7. Using the same small brush you used in the previous step, apply some Sallow Green around the wounds. This gives the appearance of infected, rotting flesh.

8. Use more colors of your choice from the Master Bruise Wheel. This will give more detail to the rotting flesh look you want to achieve.

9. Using the stipple sponge, apply some Brown Sugar and Sallow Green zombie makeup to the flesh. This gives a more gritty look to the decayed flesh.

10. Add Sallow Green to the lips to add a deathly pallor. Using a small brush, accent the lip creases with some Steel Gray. Using your stipple sponge, apply some blood color around the lips.

11. Using your cosmetic powder puff, apply neutral set powder heavily to the makeup area. Brush off the excess with your powder brush. You can also use baby powder, talcum powder or corn starch for this step. All finished!



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